8/6AH Slurry Pump Back Liner

Frame plate liner insert is one of the wet (end) parts of slurry pumps. It links frame plate / back casing of the pump outer casings and forms a pump chamber to work with impeller. As a wet part, its material is very important and CNSME offers abrasion resistant high chrome white iron as well as other materials based on different applications.

Generally speaking, frame plate liner inserts can be hard metal or carbon steel coated with polymer. For hard metal materials, our alternatives will be A05, A07, A33, A49, A51 and A61.

For polymers, customers can choose from natural rubber R55, to Polyurethane, fron neoprene to Hypalon etc..

Compared with throatbush, frame plate liner insert is not so easy to be worn out.

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