Electric Motor Driven Slurry Pumps

Warman AH Pumps

Warnings of Slurry Pump Operations

A pump is both a pressure vessel and a piece of rotating equipment. All standard safety precautions for such equipment should be followed before and during installation, operation and maintenance.
For auxiliary equipment (motors, belt drives, couplings, gear reducers, variable speed drives, mechanical seals, etc) all related safety precautions should be followed and appropriate instruction manuals consulted before and during installation, operation, adjustment and maintenance.
All guards for rotating equipment must be correctly fitted before operating the pump including guards temporarily removed for gland inspection and adjustment. Seal guards should not be removed or opened while the pump is running. Personal injury may result from contact with rotating parts, seal leakage or spray.
Pumps must not be operated at low or zero flow conditions for prolonged periods, or under any circumstances that could cause the pumping liquid to vaporise. Personnel injury and equipment damage could result from the high temperature and pressure created.
Pumps must be used only within their allowable limits of pressure, temperature and speed. These limits are dependent on the pump type, configuration and materials used.
Do not apply heat to the impeller boss or nose in an effort to loosen the impeller thread prior to impeller removal. Personnel injury and equipment damage could result from the impeller shattering or exploding when the heat is applied.
Do not feed very hot or very cold liquid into a pump which is at ambient temperature. Thermal shock may cause the pump casing to crack.