150SV-SP Vertical slurry pump

The above shown pump is vertical type slurry pump model SV/150S, with the material of wet-end parts A05. Alloy A49 is a corrosion resistant white iron suitable for low pH corrosion duties, where erosive wear is also a problem. The alloy is particularly suitable for Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) and other corrosive applications, where the pH is less than 4. The alloy can also be use in other midly acidic environments. A49 has an erosion resistance similar to that of Ni-hard 1.Features:1. No need any seal and the seal water;2. Work normally even if the suction volume is not enough;3. Single casing structure with the advantages of light weight, small volume, easy installation;4. Anti-corrosive wet parts made of natural rubber;5. Transmission shaft and suction pipe could be chosen according to liquid surface of the slurry pool;6. Able to run smoothly under various speeds.

Materials of Construction:

Part Description Material
Casing A49- High Chromium Alloy
Impeller A49- High Chromium Alloy
Back Liner A49- High Chromium Alloy
Shaft SUS 316L
Mounting Plate Mild Steel
Strainers SUS 316L

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